Blessing Candle Kits

Blessing Candle Kits

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Three Blessed Herbal Candles in each kit.

Abundance:  My life is filled with unlimited prosperity.  I am released from the beliefs and attitudes that block me from my desired Abundance.  (Attraction, Prosperity, Stability)

Calming:  I shed the chaos around me to find my calm center.  From this place of gentle focus I am clear and free of stress.  (Emotional Balance, Heart, Inner Balance)

Dreams Come True:  The dreams of night and the dreams of day fill me with inspiration.  I nurture them and know that it is within my power to make them come true. (Spiritual Cleansing, Inner Balance, Truth & Justice)

Happy Marriage:  I bless my mate with understanding, warmth, and everlasting love.  I choose them as my lifelong partner.  May we live together with peace, wisdom, respect, and desire.  (Happy Home, Heart, Love's Enchantment)

Healing:  I bless myself as I hold a vision of my body in its perfection.  I call upon the green ray of healing to dissipate all areas of disharmony and bring wholeness to me now.  (Healing, Protection, Problem Solving)

Home Blessing:  I light these candles, inviting peace and abundance into this sacred space.  I am open and willing to receive these gifts, and I bless all who cross my threshold with this love.  (Happy Home, Protection, Stability)

Match Maker:  The divine light of my soul is a beacon that draws my love to me.  There is a match for my spirit, a partner to celebrate life with, and I bring them to me now.  (Attraction, Love's Enchantment, Energy & Will)

Miracles:  The power of a miracle lies within my heart.  I open to the powers of thought to manifest this miracle in my life (Healing, Heart, Spiritual Cleansing)

New Job:  I go forward in my career with a light heart, an open mind, and the confidence to be fully present each day.  May God be my inspiration, my integrity, and my mentor.  (Prosperity, Attraction, Stability)

Pet Blessing:  You bring comfort, joy, and unconditional love to our family.  I wish a treat, a pat, health, and happiness for you.  Our life together is a reward.  (Heart, Happy Home, Stability)