New Beginnings: Reiki Level III Weekend Series Immersion Program
New Beginnings: Reiki Level III Weekend Series Immersion Program
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New Beginnings: Reiki Level III Weekend Series Immersion Program

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              Saturday, January 27, 2024 from 10:30a - 4:00p and

               Sunday, January 28, 2024 from 11:30a - 3:00p

INSTRUCTORS:  Kelly Halverson and Monica Latus

LOCATION:  Angel Light LLC, 2331 S. 108th St., West Allis


PRE-REQUISITES:  Reiki Levels I and II


Click here for information on Reiki Level I

Click here for information on Reiki Level II

Reiki Level III / Shinpiden (shin-pee-den):  Reaching Your Full Reiki Potential

This two-day weekend experience will further your Reiki development for client healing, personal growth, and soul wisdom. Students will learn how to deepen their connection to self, others, and the universal energy that surrounds us and unites us as a whole. This Reiki level will bring your self- and client-healing to a new level. It will cover working with clients, understanding their intentions for healing, their session preferences, and the importance of intake information. Students will learn additional Reiki symbols and their energetic applications and develop their intuitive connection with self, clients, and higher levels of consciousness. Students will learn how to assist their clients into deeper states of relaxation, resulting in a deeper level of healing. Attainment of the final Reiki attunement with third-degree symbols is followed by an intuitive hands-on practice. The culmination of the three Reiki levels will increase your level of confidence with clients and assist with your progression along the Reiki path.

Instructors:  Kelly Halverson and Monica Latus, as mentored by Sheri Bauer, RRMT
Kelly and Monica each have 10 years of Reiki and holistic healing experience. In addition to their commitment to Reiki and their further enlightenment through teaching, both are certified in Japanese Reiki and Crystal Reiki. Collectively, they have studied a wide range of healing modalities, including herbal medicine, aromatherapy, crystal healing, crystal reflexology, chakra healing, mind/body medicine, acupressure, and sound healing.

Reiki Level III Class Description


Welcome - Group Meditation and Centering

Reiki Symbols in Harmony
Students will review all Reiki symbols and learn the Master Level symbol and its applications. They will learn how each symbol can work together in harmony for the highest level of good for the client. Practical scenarios will be presented and collaborated on by the students.

Essential Steps for Reiki Practitioners and Client Healing Sessions - Part I      Essential steps for setting up a successful practice with clients will be covered. This will include an overview of the development of a client intake form, insurance, and disclosure/permission to practice forms. Awareness of client preferences to engage them at their comfort level, such as their likes/dislikes, the use of essential oils, crystals, sound healing, or other modalities during a Reiki session will also be discussed.

Essential Steps for Reiki Practitioners and Client Healing Sessions - Part II            Part II is client sessions in action. Setting up your healing room, creating and maintaining sacred space, explanation of procedures during client intake, and steps to begin a client session. A demonstration of techniques to start a session will be presented with student participation.

Advanced Japanese Reiki Techniques and Mudras                                                          This class will take your practice of Japanese Reiki to a deeper level. We will begin with a review of the breathwork techniques taught in Level II and build on those practices. The Seishin Toitsu and Kokoro No Kokyu breath techniques are designed to increase the sensitivity of your hands and heart center. Various Reiki Mudras will be taught and will conclude with a demonstration of Reiju – the Spiritual Gift.



Group Meditation and Sacred Ash Ceremony Preparation

Sacred Reiki Attunement Level III
The Level III Sacred Reiki attunement is given by a Reiki Master teacher to a student. It attunes you to a higher frequency of Reiki energy as the Level III symbols are integrated into your energy centers. The attunement ceremony will be preceded by an auric field smudging of all participants, sacred ash ceremony, student participation in candle lighting, and a Reiki infused attunement water ceremony.

Reiki Session Immersion
Students will participate in a hands-on, complete Reiki session start to finish. Students work together to develop their healing tool kit and set-up, which could include the use of crystals, essential oils, incorporating music or sound and/or the blending of other modalities in this Reiki experience.  This session will conclude with a teacher demonstration.

Tandem Reiki Student Client Demonstration and Experiential
A hands-on, immersive session, with specific techniques and hand positions for a Tandem Reiki session.  Additional considerations will be taught with unique protocols for two practitioners.

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