Angel Light is a very unique center for healing. Some think of Angel Light as a Crystal Store or Rock Shop, some a School for learning Energy Healing modalities, and others an amazing place where practitioners offer a multitude of modalities that help balance and sustain the healing of the body, mind and spirit.

Angel Light is truly a gathering place for those who seek a community where the emphasis is on the human spirit, and where success is measured by the ability to assist individuals on their life’s journey with respect, kindness, non-judgment, and support in the development of their spiritual consciousness. Angel Light has been dedicated as a gathering place for all people, of all cultures, and of all belief systems.

Established in 2006, Angel Light is located in West Allis, Wisconsin.  Since moving from Elm Grove, Angel Light has doubled it space to 3500 sq. feet which enables us to offer more products, wellness professionals, intuitive readers, events, and products. 

Our new space will offer a large retail area, which will be home to approximately 80,000 crystals and carvings, and a community room for yoga, educational classes, sound and gong baths, and other main events.  We will also have a meditation area with a fireplace, a quiet reading area, a dedicated Reader room, and a treatment room for a variety of wellness services including Reiki, Sound and Crystal Healing, Life Coaching, and Spiritual Guidance services,

Angel Light's goal is to promote self-healing for the body, mind and spirit. The basis for this Center is the recognition that every individual is a unique and wonderful creation deserving of respect, appreciation, and support on their path of discovery, healing, and spiritual becoming. Angel Light has been dedicated as a gathering place for all people, of all cultures, and of all beliefs.

Angel Light is located at 2331 S. 108th Street in West Allis, WI. We can be contacted by phone at 262-787-3001 or by email at  You can also contact the store's owner, Sheri Bauer, at 414-708-0022 or by email at:  

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