FREE Introduction to Reiki:  Wed 3/13

FREE Introduction to Reiki: Wed 3/13

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Wednesday, March 13, 2024
6:30p - 8:30p
Kelly Halverson and Monica Latus

What is Reiki energy? Reiki is much more than an energetic healing technique, and this workshop will provide a great opportunity to explore Reiki’s many benefits. Students will learn how a Reiki path can open the door to an enlightened consciousness, promote physical and emotional healing, and awaken an understanding of your life’s journey, higher purpose, and divine mission. Students attending will explore their own personal energy and experience the energy of Reiki firsthand during this class. 


INSTRUCTORS: Kelly Halverson and Monica Latus, as mentored by Sheri Bauer, RRMT. Kelly and Monica each have 10 years of Reiki and holistic healing experience. In addition to their commitment to Reiki and their further enlightenment through teaching, both are certified in Japanese Reiki and Crystal Reiki. Collectively, they have studied a wide range of healing modalities, including herbal medicine, aromatherapy, crystal healing, crystal reflexology, chakra healing, mind/body medicine, acupressure, and sound healing.