Human Design Readings with Jenn

Human Design Readings with Jenn

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Payments for Readers may be made on this page, but you MUST call Angel Light LLC at 262.787.3001 to SCHEDULE your private appointment time.*

* Jenn's readings are by appointment only.  Please call Angel Light, LLC at 262.787.3001 to make an appointment.

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Jenn Fredericks discovered the Human Design System while seeking authentic, energetically aligned ways to market and share her coaching business. When she learned about Human Design she felt seen, heard and understood from the inside-out and from there she dove into learning more about the system, embodying her design and training as a Human Design Reader. Her belief, that we are all spiritual beings having a human experience and that everything is energy, aligns beautifully with the theory. A reading with Jenn helps you understand your energy and how to avoid burnout, your purpose, the best way to approach decision-making, your natural talents and living more in the ease and flow of life.

The depth and scope of the system is incredible and Jenn introduces it during an Introductory Human Design Reading that includes your Energy Type, Strategy, Authority, and Deconditioning Tip. These foundational elements are the tangible experiment you can start to play with the minute you leave your reading. Everyone begins with an Introductory Reading.

  • Intro Reading: 30 minute Introductory Human Design Reading for $45 (Overview of Energy Type, Strategy, Authority, Self/Not-Self Themes & Deconditioning Tip).

From there, dive deeper into your experiment with:

  • Level 1 Reading: Continue with a 55 minute reading for $111.00 (Brief review of Energy Type, Strategy, Authority PLUS: Key Energy Centers, Profile and/or Sun & Moon Gates).

  • Level 2 Reading: With the next 55 minute reading for $111.00 discover Circuitry, Channels, Gates and your Incarnation Cross.

  • Coaching Session based on Your Human Design: 1 hour 20 minutes to explore a specific intention informed by your Human Design for $188.00.

Jenn’s Readings are in-depth readings taking 2-3 hours of preparatory work. Due to the preparatory work needed for Human Design readings, a non-refundable 50% down payment is required for her Level 1, Level 2, and Coaching Sessions.

When booking a reading with Jenn, please provide name, birth date, birth time, and location (city and state) of birth on your original birth certificate.