School of Sound and Healing 2023/2024
School of Sound and Healing 2023/2024
School of Sound and Healing 2023/2024
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School of Sound and Healing 2023/2024

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Friday, October 6, 2023, from 6:00p - 8:00p
Saturday, October 7, 2023, from 10:00a - 5:30p, Lunch 1/2 Hour
Sunday, October 8, 2023, from 10:00a - 3:30p, Lunch 1/2 Hour

WEEKEND 2 (Pre-requisite Weekend 1)
Friday, November 3, 2023, from 6:00p - 8:00p
Saturday, November 5, 2023, from 10:00a - 5:30p, Lunch 1/2 Hour
Sunday, November 6, 2023, from 10:00a - 3:30p, Lunch 1/2 Hour

WEEKEND 3 (Pre-requisite Weekend 2)
Friday, December 8, 2023, from 6:00p - 8:00p
Saturday, December 9, 2023, from 10:00a - 5:30p, Lunch 1/2 Hour
Sunday, December 10, 2023, from 10:00a - 3:30p, Lunch 1/2 Hour

WEEKEND 4 (Pre-requisite Weekend 3)
Friday, January 5, 2024, from 6:00p - 8:00p
Saturday, January 6, 2024, from 10:00a - 5:30p, Lunch 1/2 Hour
Sunday, January 7, 2024, from 10:00a - 3:30p, Lunch 1/2 Hour



A more detailed syllabus will be given to each student registered for the Sound School series.



WEEKEND 1:  October 6 - 8, 2023

Fundamentals Weekend: Mandatory for all students



Student Orientation: There will be an orientation for students covering the curriculum, discussion of course requirements, required student projects, recommended reading, general expectations, as well as introductions to the faculty and fellow students.


Sound Bath:  Laurel Ziemienski

Students will have their first introduction to a sound experience. They will be able to directly feel the effects and benefits of sound and witness their body’s response to the different vibrations. The experience will be followed by a class discussion where students can ask questions of the sound practitioner and/or share their experiences. 



Sound Fundamentals:  Sheri Bauer and Laurel Ziemienski

This course focuses on the structure, physics, and elements of sound and music. Course covers: the transportation of sound waves through the human body, the five levels of vibration, frequencies, hertz/pitch, pure frequencies, tones/timbres, musical Intervals, cords, fundamental tones, overtones, binaural beats, dissonance, resonance, entrainment, harmony, rhythm, and noise.

Anatomy of the Subtle Body:  Sheri Bauer

This course focuses on providing students information about the different fields of Energy that makes up the Subtle Body including the Chakras, Meridians, and Auric Field.

Basic Breath Work Practices:  Sheri Bauer and Laurel Ziemienski

Breath is the most basic, yet profound tool we have to facilitate health for our body, mind, and spirit. Breathing is one of the most natural acts that we do. In fact, we breathe approximately 20,000 times each day. How we breathe can affect our health, the healing process of our body, and our attitude. During this class, students will learn about three basic breath work patterns that can be used to relax their bodies, assist in moving them to a deeper state of consciousness, and prepare them for connecting with the sound instruments that they will learn to play and the healings that they will facilitate for themselves and others using the frequencies of sound. 


Creating Sacred Space:  Laurel Ziemienski and Sheri Bauer

During this class, students will explore the importance of creating sacred space within and outside of themselves. The importance of grounding and centering and intention and prayer work will be introduced and exercises practiced to set the tone for using the medicines of Mother Earth including sage, sweet grass, frankincense oil, cedar, Palo Santo, and Florida Water. Students will learn how to smudge their healing spaces as well as themselves and their participating clients. Students will also learn about and experience many of the sound tools that can be used for clearing space and preparing it to be used for healing with sound, including Angel Tuners, Tingshas, Tibetan Bowls, and the Crystal Pyramid.


Basics of Singing Bowls:  Laurel Ziemienski

In this class, students will learn about the history and foundation of singing bowls. They will be introduced to the sounds a bowl produces. Students will receive instruction on the different types of bowls, the difference between antique and new bowls, and what to look for when buying a bowl. They will learn about the anatomy of a bowl, how to play it, and how shape and size may or may not affect sound. Examples of different bowls will be available for students to examine.


How to play a Singing Bowl:  Laurel Ziemienski

Students will begin to learn the basics of playing a singing bowl. They will learn techniques such as how to hold it, how to awaken it, and how to strike and invite it. Students will learn about different wands and mallets and how they each affect the sound the bowl makes. Additional accessories will also be addressed such as rugs, rubber washers, and felt. A few bowls and mallets will be passed around so students can begin to get a feel for using them. They will also learn basic techniques for playing a bowl. Using the power of intention when playing a singing bowl will also be discussed.


Student Experiential using Singing Bowls:  Laurel Ziemienski

Students will have their first hands on experience playing the singing bowls. They will put into practice basic playing techniques; they will begin to understand the direct effect of the vibrations on their own body and how to tune into the bowls and their unique characteristics. 



Sound Healing with Tuning Forks:  Sheri Bauer

This class is an introduction to the use of tuning forks and will include the history of tuning forks as used in instrument tuning and complementary healing practices, the science behind the use of tuning forks, and the modern uses of tuning forks in sound healing. Students will be involved in a visual introduction to four Otto (weighted) tuning forks that can be used in a healing practice and learn about their practical applications. Students will be guided through the process of how to hold, activate, clear, and care for a tuning fork. Students will listen to the sound frequencies of the four Otto Tuning forks. They will also participate in a discussion of the precautions and contraindications when using tuning forks.


Using Tuning Forks and Essential Oils to Balance the Chakras:  Monica Latus

Students will learn how Essential Oils can be used in a Sound Healing Session to assist clients to a deeply relaxed state of consciousness. Opening and closing procedures will be demonstrated for a Sound Healing session using tuning forks and aromatherapy.  Students will be instructed in techniques to balance and harmonize the auric field and chakra energy centers using essential oils, colors, crystals, and sound. Students will create their own essential oil Aura spray.

Introduction to Gongs:  Michael Bettine

Students will learn about how Gongs can be used in Sound Therapy to achieve deep relaxation, peace, and a meditative state that can connect to sound frequencies that reduce anxiety, stress, and provide an avenue for healing. Students will be introduced to the gongs, including the history of gongs, the many different types of gongs available, and the various ways to play the gong. They will also watch a demonstration on how to create different sounds and effects using the gongs with a variety of different mallets and sound tools.

Gong Bath:  Michael Bettine

The Gong Meditation is so much more than just gongs. It is gongs, singing bowls, bells, and other percussion instruments, combined into a pulsating soundscape that is designed to help slow down and invite stillness within. There’s no hurry, no destination—only the breath and being in the moment.  Michael has a way of playing that delves into the soul of his instruments, allowing them to help transform stress, fatigue, and the challenges of everyday life into a journey of deep relaxation and peace.


WEEKEND 2:  November 3-5, 2023

Requirements: Completion of Sound Healing Foundations Weekend



The Sound Healing Practices of the Aboriginal Peoples of Australia:  Jeoffrey Hutcherson

This class highlights the Didgeridoo, its healing properties and practices.   The Aboriginal people of Australia are the first known culture to heal with sound. Their ‘yidaki' (modern name, didgeridoo) has been used as a healing tool for at least 40,000 years. The Aborigines healed broken bones, muscle tears, and illnesses of every kind using this enigmatic musical instrument.  Included in this segment will be a brief history of the Aboriginal Culture and uses of Sound, and a demonstration and experience using the Didgeridoo.



Energy Diagnosis 101:  Sheri Bauer

Students will learn the basics of body scanning using the sensing mechanisms of their hands. They will learn how to “tune in” to the energy of the different chakras and participate in an exercise that will lift stagnant energies from the physical body. Students will also be instructed in how to use tuning forks and tingshas to scan a physical body and its corresponding energy field. They will participate in a scanning exercise with a partner followed by a discussion of their experience. The session will end with a demonstration of how to clear an energy field using crystals and sound. 


Manifesting with Intention:  Kristina Nez Begay

Intention can be defined as “the projection of awareness, with purpose and efficacy, toward some object or outcome.” This class will teach students how to measure the strength of the human energy field. Students will discover how they can influence physical matter via positive versus negative thought, intentions, affirmations, and sound. They will discover how they can influence physical matter via highly motivated and targeted thought. This class involves active participation and will provide students with the basic components for creating their own intention statements that have a healing focus for self- and/or other’s healing. 


Manifesting with Sound:  Kristina Nez Begay

This experiential class will include scientific evidence of brain wave states with focus on the Theta Brain Wave which is considered a shamanic state of consciousness or luminous awareness. Students will explore why the Theta Brain Wave state is the frequency that people are striving to achieve through mediation, yoga, and other types of energy work. Students will also explore rhythmic drumming as a tool to relax and release any heaviness causing energetic blockages.


Drum Wash:  Kristina Nez Begay

Students will participate in a Drum Wash to clear chakras and energy fields. Instructor: Kristina Nez Begay

Healing Song and Chant:  Kristina Nez Begay

Our mind, body, and soul are interconnected and what occurs at one level affects the others.  Students will explore accessing deep energetic levels of healing through self generated sound.  Vocables, including mantras, songs and chants, or even using a language that is unfamiliar to you, are all ways to bypass the logical, linear mind and enter a state of consciousness conducive to greater healing. 


Dissonance and Resonance – Deep Listening Skills for Effective Energy Assessments:  Sheri Bauer and Laurel Ziemienski

In order to use Tuning forks, Tibetan Singing Bowls, drums, or other sound and healing instruments, students must be able to listen deeply to the subtle tones and harmonics that sound instruments can make. Learning the skill of deep listening involves learning how to recognize the unique sound of instruments and how those sounds alter when played with and without intention. Students will also learn how to listen to the pitches, harmonics or overtones of the instruments and how these change once the instrument is placed in a client’s energy field.


Forms and Permissions for a Healing Session.

Students will be provided with sample intake and disclaimer forms and learn about the importance of having insurance when opening a practice. Informaton for contacting the websites of reputable and affordable insurance companies and obtaining a minister’s license will be included in this class.

Sound Healing Demonstration:   Laurel Ziemienski

Students will have the opportunity to observe a full 1:1 private sound healing session from beginning to end using various instruments and techniques they have learned, including room prep, client consultation, beginning, middle & end of a session, and a follow up consult. Time will be allowed afterwards for students to ask questions.


Effects of Singing Bowls on the Physical Body Instruction and Experiential:  Laurel Ziemienski

This class will address the vibrations of a bowl and its effects and influence on and around the physical and auric body, including the effects of bowls on the brain. Students will be given the opportunity to practice the effects of the bowl’s vibrations on each other. Not only is it important to understand how to administer techniques, it is just as important to know what it feels like to receive them. This class begins to allow the students to have the experience of feeling these effects as a client.


Test your Knowledge – Basic Tibetan Bowl Quiz and Class Discussion of Answers

Closing Guided Meditation with Laurel Ziemienski


WEEKEND 3:  December 8-10, 2023


Completion of Sound Healing Foundations & Level II Weekends

One Singing Bowl for Experiential Use

(1) C & G Tuning Fork Set (1) Ohm Tuner with Crystal Head



How to Use Intuition in Sound Healing:  Laurel Ziemienski

As with most types of healing modalities, intuition plays an important role in the healer’s techniques and protocols. In this class students will understand what intuition is, how to listen to it, and how to trust it. Students will participate in a guided meditation where they will learn how to tap into their own intuition. They will be taught tips and techniques to tune into it any time they desire.



Sound Healing and the Chakras:  Sheri Bauer

Students will continue their exploration of the chakras with an in-depth exploration of the Hindu Chakra system and its relationship to the vital energy of the human body. They will learn about each of the seven basic chakras including the traits of each chakra, their ruling organs and glands, age of development, related senses, and colors. The basic human emotions as they relate to each of the chakras and the subtle energy field will be discussed. This class will lay the foundation for using Singing Bowls and the Solar Harmonic tuning forks which have a direct relationship to the frequency progression of the basic 7-fold chakra system.


Solar Harmonic Chakra Tuning Fork Experiential:  Sheri Bauer

This course is an experiential clinic and designed to teach students to effectively use three different protocols to clear and balance each chakra in the 7-fold chakra system using the Solar Harmonic tuning fork system.


Solar Harmonic Level II - Double Tuning Fork Techniques and Experiential:  Sheri Bauer

This experiential course will assist students to a deeper understanding of the use of the Solar Harmonic Tuning forks and begin their work of using two tuning forks simultaneously in a sound healing session. They will learn the importance of working in intervals (sequences) of fifths when using tuning forks to clear and balance the chakra system. Students will also experience the use of five additional basic double tuning fork protocols designed to balance and calm the nervous system, relieve anxiety, center and ground the client, stimulate the release of nitric oxide, and promote joint mobility.

Breakout Groups for the Development of Group Presentations

Instructors will explain the Group Presentation requirement. Students will then meet in groups to design their Sound Healing Group presentation that will be delivered on Sunday. Group presentations will incorporate the following learned elements:  Intention, Breath Work, Creating Sacred Space, Opening and Closing a Sound Healing Session, Tibetan Bowls, Tuning Forks, Drums and other desired instruments. Students are encouraged to the include knowledge and experiences gained through their individual life experiences.

Using Singing Bowls on the Body with Protocols:  Laurel Ziemienski

This class will begin to advance the student’s knowledge about singing bowl applications. They will have hands on practice working with the bowls. They will learn how to search for imbalances in the body and the difference between playing the bowl in a client’s auric (energy) field, close to the skin, or directly on the body. Students will also understand how to use singing bowls with other modalities such as acupressure, meditation, Reiki, and massage. They will learn some basic techniques such as volume control, and how to incorporate breath work and stress reduction techniques to enhance their client’s experience. They will also explore the incorporation of other instruments with singing bowls. 

Singing Bowl Protocol Experiential:  Laurel Ziemienski

Leaning into techniques already learned, students will have time to practice protocols on each other. They will learn how to perform the Stress Triangle Technique with one singing bowl, which can help their client reduce pain, stress, and tension in their back, neck, and shoulders. Students will learn how stress plays a role in tightness in these areas as well as how to help the client relax. Students will then break into pairs so they can practice the Stress Triangle and other techniques on each other. 


Group Presentations using Tuning Forks and Tibetan Singing Bowls.

Presentations should include Creating Sacred Space, Clearing Space Techniques, Setting of Intention, Opening a Sound Healing Session, conducting a Complete Healing Session Protocol, and Closing a Sound Healing Session.


Using Tuning Forks and Tibetan Bowls to Open the Heart Center:  Sheri Bauer and Laurel Ziemienski

This class overviews the physical Heart Center and its functioning, including the heart, lungs, and thymus gland. Students will be presented with materials that describe the potential emotions that can be held in the Heart Center. They will also examine the thoracic vertebrae behind the heart and learn how physical and emotional toxins can be released through a technique called the Spinal Flush. Students will also be presented with a Heart Healing protocol using different sound tools including weighted tuning forks, a quartz crystal tuning fork, Tibetan singing bowls, and meditative suggestions to help release and heal the emotions of the Heart Center.


Crystal and Tibetan Singing Bowls Heart Meditation Experience for Students:  Sheri Bauer, Laurel Ziemienski, facilitators

Students will experience a group guided sound meditation using Himalayan Singing Bowls and Crystal Singing Bowls. The intention of the meditation is for a Heart Center healing and energy sound cleansing. Sound instruments students will experience include: Himalayan Singing Bowls, Crystal Singing Bowls, a Crystal Pyramid, and a Crystal Tuning Fork. 


WEEKEND 4:  January 5-7, 2024



Requirements: Completion of Sound Healing Foundations, Level II, and Level III Weekends

Attendance and the completions of Course requirements are mandatory for students seeking a full Certificate in Sound Healing.






Humming for Healing:  Sheri Bauer

Humming is among the simplest, yet most profound sounds that we can create.  It has amazing beneficial abilities that affect us on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.  Students will explore the many aspects of how and why humming works and they will learn about and experience several exercises that demonstrate the power of their own “hum” and how they can effectively use their “hum” to create balance and harmony within body, mind, and spirit. They will learn why humming can become a practice to enhance health and wellness for everyone.

Advanced Techniques using Tibetan Singing Bowls: Lecture and Demonstration:  Laurel Ziemienski

During this advanced class, students will learn the difference between short-term and long-term stress and how it has a significant effect on the immune system and the body. They will understand the role that singing bowls play in eliciting a relaxation response that has the potential to change one’s genetic expression of stress so the body can repair itself. Students will learn techniques to use on clients such as how to use one bowl to assess the whole person and harmonize the body, how to use intervals to heal and balance the chakras, and how to harness the power of silence.



Questions/Answers about days activities and Closing Meditation



Final Written Exam corrected in class.

Crystal Bowl Healing:  Sheri Bauer

Students will be instructed in using the sound healing potential of the Chakra Tuned Crystal Bowls. They will be presented with the history and uses of the crystal bowl, its modern day production techniques, and examples of how quartz crystal bowls can be used in sound healing. Students will learn how quartz crystal acts as an oscillator, magnifier, and transmitter of pure tone and why it is used in all of our most advanced communication systems, medical equipment, computer systems, and digital devices.

Crystal Bowl Experiential:  Sheri Bauer

Students will learn how to use crystal bowls to open the different gateways of consciousness, how to release “stuck” energy, and how to rebalance the physical and subtle bodies using crystal bowls. They will learn how to synchronize their energies to that of the bowl they are working with, along with the protocols for creating harmonious sound. This class will incorporate the use of Guided Meditation along with the frequencies of the Chakra Singing Bowls. 

Kirtan Celebration:  Russell Strelnick

Kirtan is the ancient tradition of chanting mantra in the rhythms of call and response waves of prayer to the God/Goddess of transformation, love, joy, bliss, creation, peace, sustenance, transcendence, and to the remover of all obstacles. This Kirtan will be a student celebration of completion and graduation. Teachers and students and facilitators will open their hearts through these drum driven sacred, timeless prayers to receive healing energy directly from spirit. Tears, laughter, release, dance, singing, celebration, and meditation are entered freely to co-create collectively this blessing ceremony.

Facilitated by Swami Prem Aamod.

OM NAMAHA SHIVA - I surrender to be transformed by existence.

Presentation of Certificates and Closing Ceremony