We currently have four experienced readers at Angel Light, each with their own unique talents.  Barbara reads the Akashic Records; Connie reads the Tarot; Jeannette reads Soul Astrology; and Maggy is an Intuitive reader.  Please read below for a little more detail on each of our seasoned readers. 

If you would like to make a reservation with any of our readers, please call Angel Light at 262.787.3001 for availability and to make payment.  Readings can be reserved in 30 minute ($45), 45 minute ($65), or 60 minute ($85) sessions. 

Full payment is required at time of reservation.




Barbara is an experienced spiritual intuitive and certified Akashic Records Reader. As the complete record of every Soul and its journey, this spiritual resource can provide guidance and inspiration as well as information on past lives for insights and resolution and healing of present life questions and issues. The dynamic, radiant and compassionate quality of the Akashic realm comes through in a reading, as received from the Akashic Masters and Teachers. Because of the vast amount of information available, readings are most effective when directed by questions from the client which provide a focus.

Barbara's Availability:
Saturdays, Jul 9, Aug 6     from 10:00a - 4:00p
Sundays, Jun 12, Jul 17, Aug 21, Sep 11    from 11:00a - 3:00p

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Connie has a strong family history of divination and is an experienced and well-known Tarot Reader.  Connie is able to combine your energy, intuition, and the images of the Tarot cards to get a deeper insight into your past, help you to understand what is presently going on in your world and advise you as to what direction your guides are pointing you in.  Connie’s readings will provide guidance to your questions and you will leave your session with confidence and clarity.

Connie's Availability:
Connie will be available by phone/email/online ONLY in May.  
Saturdays, Jun 25, Jul 23, Sep 17     from 10:00a - 4:00p
Sunday, Aug 14    from 11:00a - 3:00p

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Jeannette is an astrologer, tarot reader, and Reiki Master.  She focuses on Soul-Aligned Astrology, interpreting the birth chart as a tool for self-understanding and aligning your life with your soul’s purpose.  She incorporates elements of archetypal energies of the planets and signs, artistic and creative practices as tools of transformation and energetic healing.

Jeannette's Availability:
Saturday, May 28    from 10:00a - 4:00p
Sundays, Jun 26, Jul 31, Aug 28, Sep 18    from 11:00a - 3:00p

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Maggy is an Intuitive Reader who uses tarot and oracle cards to channel with her Spirit Guides and Angels. Through an awakening experience and the ensuing process of self-discovery she has found her life purpose which is to help others by bringing them out of the darkness and into the light.  Maggy has the ability to sense what others are feeling and with her spiritual helpers she will provide you with guidance to your questions.

Maggy's Availability: 
Saturdays, Jun 4, Jun 11, Aug 13, Aug 20, Sep 3, Sep 10
from 10:00a - 4:00p

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Wes reads the Lenormand Tarot as well as being a Reiki Master and a practitioner of the alchemical arts of Tai Ji and Qigong.  Lenormand Tarot is a unique form of Tarot that helps one gain understanding surrounding specific questions especially those relating to present day issues such as romance, employment, travel, finances, etc. Using the Lenormand Tarot and intuition, Wes is able to provide guidance and answer your questions.  Wes offers 15-minute readings for $25 in addition to the normal 30-, 45-, and 60-minute readings.

Wes' Availability: 
Sundays, Jun 19, Jul 10, Jul 24, Aug 7    from 11:00a - 3:00p
Saturdays, Aug 27    from 10:00a - 4:00p
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