"Kickin It Tarot Style" Study Group Monthly:  Wed 6/26

"Kickin It Tarot Style" Study Group Monthly: Wed 6/26

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Meets Monthly on the 4th Wednesday
6:30p - 8:30p
  Tarot Teacher Extraordinaire, Connie Kick
  Angel Light LLC, 2331 S. 108th St., West Allis

$45 per class or $39 when you register at least ONE WEEK before the actual day of the class you will be attending. 


June 26, 2024:  Play Time!
Let's play with our Tarot Cards!  Reading Tarot doesn't always have to be serious!  In this class, I will show you some really fun techniques that will help you to build confidence and speed in your readings.

July 24, 2024:  The Tower Card!
It's my (Connie's) birthday Month. YAY! Let's Par-tay!  Oh, but wait............I'm entering a Tower year.  In this workshop, we are going to delve into the Tower card.  Why is this card so frightening and what does it truly represent?

August 28, 2024:  Theme TBA



Connie's monthly study groups are open to all levels of Tarot, beginner to advanced.  Each class will include a learning portion and an experiential portion.  Every student who attends will also be getting a reading, either one that they do for themselves or from one of their classmates under Connie's guidance and tutelage.  Every month's learning experience will have a different theme and students will learn to use spreads related to that theme.  Some classes will include learning games and other classes may focus on a particular suit or tarot element.

Each monthly study group will have a tarot discussion, activity, handouts, sharing, and reflection.  These workshops will be energetic, non-judgmental, non-structured, and include a sharing of collective knowledge.  The workshops are meant to empower in a fun, loving, and caring way.  Sometimes they may be silly, sometimes serious, but they will always be FUN.  All that is required is a Tarot Deck of your choice and a notebook.