Pendulum Workshop - Intermediate Level - Thu 7/25

Pendulum Workshop - Intermediate Level - Thu 7/25

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Thursday, July 25, 2024
6:15-8:15 pm
Linda Catterson

This intermediate-level course continues the exploration of the exciting world of divination through the use of a pendulum. Practice will continue so that you feel comfortable using a pendulum to answer important questions about your life and your connection to the Universe. In this class, you will find out more about your guides, guardians, and angels. Who is on your "spiritual team" and what are their names?


We will also review using a pendulum as a diagnostic healing tool for the physical body. Pendulums work to unblock stagnant energy and correct the electromagnetic energy that surrounds the physical body from the outward Spiritual Layer to your innermost Etheric Layer.


Pendulums are also helpful when assisting your animal companions with their emotional and physical needs. We will briefly discuss these techniques. Animal pictures are not necessary for this portion of the workshop.  Questions are welcomed.    


Please bring a pendulum to class if you already own one.  You can also purchase a pendulum at a 20% discount from Angel Light.


About your Instructor:
Linda Catterson has been using a pendulum on humans and animals since 2011. She incorporates the use of a pendulum during Reiki, Ama Deus, and Double Star healing sessions. Linda uses her pendulum along with her Shamanic training and healing skills for people challenged with Multiple Sclerosis, and at a local therapeutic horse farm.