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Around the world, many cultures participate in a spring cleaning, getting their homes refreshed and ready for the upcoming season.  One of the earliest known references to spring cleaning is through the Jewish tradition of preparing for Passover. During Passover, Jewish custom is to eat unleavened bread as a symbolic reminder of the past.  Keeping leavened bread made with yeast, even the tiny bits of crumbs, is considered an affront and seen as ungrateful.  To fix this issue, homes are scoured and cleaned to ensure that any bread isn’t missed.  As Passover occurs during the spring months, many consider this custom as the origin of spring cleaning.

There are similar customs in Iran and China as a ritual and celebration of the New Year. The New Year in Iran is a time of regeneration and reinvigorating life, which also includes Iranian homes. After cleaning, fresh flowers are brought in to renew the home’s energy level. Similarly, the Chinese clean their homes in preparation of the New Year. They focus on getting rid of any misfortune that may have accumulated during the previous year.  Once the home is clean, the Chinese welcome good fortune by not sweeping their floors for a few days to prevent sweeping away any goodness that has entered the home.

In the United States, our traditional spring cleaning is more of a refresh after a long winter, especially in the Midwest, as opposed to allowing spirit to come into the space for renewal.  As Reiki practitioners, we can take a clue from the time honored traditions above and create our own spring cleaning ritual using Reiki.  Using your intention, Reiki symbols and energy, you can cleanse your space and bring in new life.

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be focused solely on your home.  When our environment is clean and refreshed, we feel lighter and our emotions are clearer.  A deep clean helps us to focus our energetic resources on other soulful tasks.

Taking some time to do a little “spring cleaning for our soul” helps us to focus on the direction we’d like our life to take and releases anything that is not serving us well.  There is a great article in the spring issue of Energy Magazine by Judy Wilkins-Smith that encourages us to do an internal spring cleaning this season. Below is an excerpt with some questions Judy poses to help get you started on an emotional clearing journey.


Internal Spring Cleaning Tips

Start by asking yourself some questions, such as:

  • What excites you this spring?
  • What inner prompting for change is stirring?
  • Does a new job beckon? A new hobby?
  • A new relationship?
  • A new step in your finances?

Give yourself permission to explore possibilities and let yourself get excited about them. Just this act, in itself, is a gift. And if you need an excuse to cut loose from some of the old habits and constraints of your normal family ways of doing things, blame it on spring!

Once you settle on one particular change, explore your emotions. What feelings come up when you imagine yourself doing this new thing? Are they positive? Negative? Don’t judge. Just take note and jot all your feelings down.

Let’s say a new idea excites you, but misgivings show up. Maybe it even scares you. Explore any relationship patterns in your family system to see if this fear even belongs to you. Oftentimes emotional patterns take root and travel through the generations. You may well have inherited a fear from a parent or sibling or even an earlier ancestor. Take note of the way you’re thinking. Do certain negative thoughts predominate?

Just like emotions, thought patterns, words and sayings—something called systemic sentences— travel through the family line. We end up thinking and saying things automatically, never realizing these thoughts don’t really belong to us. We can have some real zingers running through our heads keeping us in an old pattern of doing things.

So, get a broom and sweep those old dusty thoughts from your focus. Acknowledge and thank the old patterns for the wisdom they have provided, then put them down and create new thoughts and feelings you can believe in deeply to replace them. Grab a cloth and polish the windows to your soul. Stand in front of a mirror, look yourself in the eye and tell yourself it’s not just okay to have a new love—or a new car or a new job or a new puppy—in your life. It’s your destiny. After all, it’s just a part of spring cleaning.

To read the full article by Judy Wilkins-Smith, click below:


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