Reiki Spirit with Authors Kelly M. Halverson & Monica M. Latus - March 2024

Greetings Fellow Reiki Enthusiasts!

I always look forward to March in Wisconsin and spotting the first returning robin to our yard.  This year that happened on March 5.  It was a happy sign.  I know we can still get cold weather and more snow, but I also know it will be short-lived and that we can also have really nice days that let you know Spring is coming! But, the very best part of March is that we get more hours of daylight!  Who can’t use more daylight!  It gives me more energy and makes me feel happy! 

Other things I look forward to in March are watching for buds to develop and begin to open on bushes and trees, our daffodils starting to grow, birds singing, and planting our tomato and vegetable seeds indoors so they will be ready to plant outdoors later in Spring.  With everything blossoming, Spring fills you with hope for new possibilities.  It is good time to let go of something that no longer serves you, try something new, or just do something that makes you happy!  Plant the seeds for your metaphorical garden and watch them grow!


 Thought for the Day

“Try new things, do new things, find new ways of doing things…. It’s a beautiful way of learning.” ~Terry Mark


Reiki News and Tips

  • Reiki for your Plants and Garden:
    • Give your seeds Reiki before planting and ask that they grow and produce an abundant harvest of fruits/vegetables/flowers.
    • Draw Reiki symbols over the seeds as well as the plants in your home and garden.
    • Ask Reiki to keep harmful pests and insects away from your garden and to keep your plants safe from diseases.
    • Use the manifestation symbol, intention, and the energy of Reiki to invite beneficial insects and pollinators to your garden.
    • Show and give gratitude to your plants as they grow and while harvesting.
    • Use Reiki while harvesting, washing, cooking, and eating.

Reap the benefits of eating Reiki infused, pesticide free, and fresh from your garden fruits and vegetables!



You might want to pick up a “free” copy of the March 2024 Natural Awakenings magazine from a local vendor or go to their website  Their March edition includes tips on growing herbs, conservation, and pollinators. The magazine also includes upcoming local events and vendors that might be of interest.  With that being said, always be cautious when trying new supplements, herbs, teas, and holistic remedies to make sure you don’t have allergies, contraindications with prescriptions, or any other concerns or consulting a medical professional for advice before taking them is always recommended.


  • Difference Between Setting Intentions for a Reiki Session and Trying to Control the End Result:
    • When giving or sending Reiki, it is important to remember that we are not the source of Reiki energy or the healing. It is very important that our client’s understand this as well.  As we are not the source and cannot control the end result, we should not attempt to control the energy.  Let the Reiki energy flow without interference for the recipient’s highest good rather than trying to direct it for a controlled end result.  This should not be confused with asking for the recipient’s intention for the session or for your hands to be guided during a session.  These are different from dictating an exact outcome that we have no control over such as “to heal someone’s cancer”.

    • We often hear energy follows intention. To a certain extent this is true.  Setting an intention can activate neural pathways of our central nervous system that can allow us to be more receptive to achieving a desired result.  Having a client set a “simple” intention so they are more receptive to the energy of Reiki is beneficial for the client and is not the same as a practitioner trying to control the end result.
    • Allowing your hands to follow your intuition or spiritual guidance for placement on a recipient may allow for more energy to flow to an area and maybe even to the area of concern, but this is also not dictating an end result. We do not know what the end result of any type of treatment is for ourselves or our clients and we should be absolutely clear to ourselves and our clients that we are not the healer and that we cannot control the end result. 


    Upcoming Reiki Related Classes at Angel Light Center for the Healing Arts

              2331 S. 108th St.

              West Allis, WI 53227







    Reiki Shares and Reiju Offerings

    Dates:  4/17, 5/15  (Note:  Future Dates to be Scheduled for the 3rd Wednesday of Every Month)

    Time:  6:00p - 8:00p

    Cost:  $15.00 per Session

    Come and meet other Reiki students and practitioners, ask questions and receive instructor and other attendees’ perspectives, practice and receive Reiki under the guidance of an instructor as well as learn and share techniques.

    All participants will receive a spiritual blessing of Reiju.  Reiju is a physical and energetic empowerment ritual provided by the instructor that offers an energetic clearing and reconnection to oneself and the universe, supports one along their spiritual journey, and reawakens the flow of Reiki within.


    Reiki Level II / Okuden:  Transition from Self-Healing to Practitioner

    Prerequisite:  Reiki Level I

    Dates: April 20-21, 2024

    Cost: $295.00


    Reiki Level III / Shinpiden:  Reaching Your Full Reiki Potential   

    Prerequisite:  Reiki Levels I and II                              

    Dates: June 1-2, 2024

    Fee:  $395.00

    Instructors:  Kelly Halverson and Monica Latus, as mentored by Sheri Bauer, RRMT

    Kelly and Monica each have over 10 years of Reiki and holistic healing experience. In addition to their commitment to Reiki and their further enlightenment through teaching, both are certified in Japanese Reiki and Crystal Reiki. Collectively, they have a studied a wide range of healing modalities, including herbal medicine, aromatherapy, crystal healing, crystal reflexology, chakra healing, mind/body medicine, acupressure, and sound healing


    Questions, feedback, ideas, and shared stories are always welcome.  We will endeavor to respond to individual questions and incorporate ideas and shared stories in future editions.

    With Gratitude,

    Kelly Halverson and Monica Latus


    Kelly:          414-324-9599 or

    Monica:     262-794-2097 or  

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