Reiki Spirit with Authors Kelly M. Halverson & Monica M. Latus - February 2024

Quote of the Month

Peace is all around us - in the world and in nature - and within us - in our bodies and our spirits. Once we learn to touch this peace, we will be healed and transformed. It is not a matter of faith; it is a matter of practice.
~ Thich Nhat Hahn ~


The Reiki Principles in Everyday Life

Just for Today – Kyo Dake Wa
Don’t Get Angry – Okula-Na
Don’t Worry –Shinpai Suna
Be Filled with Gratitude – Kansha Shite
Work Hard – Go Wo Hage Me
Be Kind to Others – Hito Ni Shintsetsu Ni


Living a spirit-filled life is challenging in today’s modern society.  As human beings, we are pulled in many different directions, with tasks and expectations filling our thoughts and driving our actions. Some days it can be hard enough just to recite the Reiki Principles, let alone live by them.  Luckily, we can always go back to the Reiki Principles to help and guide us through any challenges with grace and a connection to Spirit.

Each Principle is there to help change your focus and take the emotion out of whatever situation you are currently finding yourself in.  Let these Principles be your guidepost and guiding light back to Spirit.

  • Just for Today – This gives us focus and brings us back to the present moment.  We all have natural, human reactions to things that occur in our everyday life.  That’s normal!  The key is to not enable those situations to dominate our lives.  Just for Today brings us back to center and gives us a choice.  Since energy follows intention, you are giving yourself a beautiful gift to be present.
  •  Don’t Get Angry – It is hard not to get caught up in anger these days.  There are many things we get bombarded with on a day-to-day basis that are based on anger or fear.  The news is filled with things happening locally and around the world that cause upset and breed ill will.  We can remind ourselves not to act out in anger and be an observer whenever it arises within us instead.  Allow the feeling to wash over you while taking deep breaths, count to 10, or recite a mantra to help bring you back to center.
  • Don’t Worry – Worry is the cousin of fear.  When we are afraid of something, worry tends to dominate our thoughts and allow our monkey mind to spiral in a not-so-pleasant direction.  Most of what we worry about in life doesn’t come to be, only now with worrying about it, we’ve depleted our energy. Whenever you feel yourself worrying, like anger, allow it to pass and not react to it.  Saying an affirmation like “I release all worry” while focusing on your breath helps bring you back to the present.
  • Be Filled with Gratitude – While the above two Principles remind us to observe and release these emotions, this Principle reminds us we also need to fill ourselves up. As with any healing modality, anything we remove, we want to replace with a positive, higher form.  Gratitude is the vehicle to do just that. Practicing gratitude allows you to focus on the good things in life and brings you closer to peace. The frequency of gratitude is 540 MHz, the same as joy (see chart below), and can instantly bring your mind into a state of calm.  Consider using a gratitude journal as a way to focus on being grateful every day.  Even if things have been incredibly difficult, try to find 3 things to be grateful for.
  • Devote Yourself to Your Work – There are two levels to this Principle. One is your work in the outside world to do your job to the best of your ability and with integrity.  The other is the work of Spirit.  They are interconnected and each supports the other.  In your work in the world, it is hard to be successful without tapping into your spiritual side. Allowing spirit to help your work gives you the ability to remain centered while performing your job, and interacting with people, and can give insight while problem-solving for the challenges that arise. In the work of Spirit, it’s comforting to remain in that space and shut the world out so to speak.  As Reiki practitioners, we can use our work in the world or in our family units to gain an understanding of our client’s issues and have empathy for the struggles they face.  We are spiritual beings having a human experience, but without the human experience, we would be less effective in our spiritual work.
  • Be Kind to Others – We’ve all heard the golden rule, the idea of treating others as you would like to be treated. This Principle asks us to extend kindness not only to people, but to every living thing.  An act of kindness raises the vibration of the person giving it, the living being receiving it, those who are witness to it, and anyone who hears of it.  Kindness is a wave that ripples outward and affects the frequency of many for the good of all.  Sharing small acts of kindness in your day-to-day interactions creates positive energy for many.

Practicing the Reiki Principles can sometimes be challenging, but incorporating them into your life supports you, not only in your journey as a Reiki Practitioner, but as a human being, to live a more fulfilling life.  Creating the habit of coming back to these as often as you can, will be the guide to enhance your spiritual life.


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