Numerology Readings with Kim

Numerology Readings with Kim

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* Kim's readings are by appointment only.  Please call Angel Light, LLC at 262.787.3001 to make an appointment.

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Payments for Readers may be made on this page, but you MUST call Angel Light LLC at 262.787.3001 to SCHEDULE your private appointment time.*

* Before making an online payment for a Reader, please note that Angel Light LLC cannot guarantee a specific time slot will be available on a given date without prior verification from an Angel Light staff member.  Preferably, call Angel Light before making a payment for a Reading.  The Staff will do their best to accommodate session time requests.

Kim Hall (Numerology at its Best!) offers several fun ways for you to tune into your personal numbers. She is a believer that when life has a flare of fun, more good things can be done. Her love for numbers, essential oils, and sound integrate to create an experience quite profound. A reading with Kim can open you up to your purpose, feeling more pleasure, and discovering your inner treasures. Kim opens each session with prayer, sound, and essential oils to open the heart and mind to listen to the divine.

Kim is offering 30 minute Introductory Numerology Readings for $45.

55 minute Name and Birthday Readings for $111.00  (Plus:  Name numbers:  Hearts Desire, Destiny, Essence, Pinnacles, and Challenges)

1 hour 11 minute Name, Birthday + Past, Present, and Future View Readings for $188.00 (Plus: a look at your past numbers and future positive potential)

Kim's Readings are in-depth readings taking 2-3 hours of preparatory work.  Due to the preparatory work needed for Kim's readings, a non-refundable 50% down payment is required for her 55 min and 1 hr 11 min readings.

When booking a reading with Kim, please provide the name and birth date on your original birth certificate.