Using Crystals as Energy Medicine

Using Crystals as Energy Medicine

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Class 4

DATE:  Wednesday, February 22, 2023
TIME:  6:15p - 8:30p
INSTRUCTOR:  Sheri Bauer, CRMT, RMT, SSH Instructor


Crystals are as old as the creation of the earth.  Crystals have an energy pattern that is designed to assist with healing for the physical body, mind, and spirit.  Students will learn about the origin and history of crystals used in healing work, why crystals are believed to be “alive”, how the different properties of crystals can help with manifesting our intentions, and how they can help us to connect to higher levels of wisdom and consciousness.   Students will learn about crystal shapes and formations and be given guidance on selecting crystals, clearing the energy of crystals, and awakening and programming crystals. 

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