Manifesting Weekend

Manifesting Weekend

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DATE:  Friday, February 19 - Saturday, February 20, 2021

       Friday 2/19 6:30p - 8:30p: Clearing the Road to Success
       Saturday 2/20 10:00a - 12:00p: Using Crystals to Propel Your Dreams,
                                                         Aspirations, and High Destinies
       Saturday 2/20 2:00p - 4:00p: Your Vision in Action

INSTRUCTOR: Kristina Nez Begay

COST: $50/Class or $135/Series


Clearing the Road to Success

In this class, we will utilize mapping techniques and journey work to uncover what is holding us back.  Look deeper to find out how some of our habits may have become blocks on our soul's path. Using intention, breath, and ceremony, we will begin the removal process of these obstacles and clear the road to successfully manifesting the life we truly desire.  Learn about how the Law of Attraction and consciously participating as a catalyst can bring about dynamic transformation in what we receive in our daily lives. 

Using Crystals to Propel Your Dreams, Aspirations, and High Destinies

Discover how working with crystals magnifies your vibration and intention in manifesting through breath, meditation, ceremony, and your own chakras. Please bring 3 crystals with you to work with for this class. Journey with Creator and your guides to uncover your dreams, aspirations, and high destinies and to create your Personal Wish List. Explore how integrating a gratitude journal, manifesting log, and daily affirmations can help keep you on the track to your desired destination.

Your Vision in Action

In this class, we will utilize the Law of Attraction by creating a vision board from our personal wish list. This action partners the energy from the Universe with that of our Higher Self to encourage movement towards all we are manifesting. Discover powerful tools and techniques to consciously choose action in your vision and maintain a focal point for this creative energy. Bring a picture (or photocopy) of yourself for your board and any magazines or pictures you feel called to include.


Kristina Nez Begay (Navajo) is a spiritual medium, master energy healer and trainer, inspirational speaker, sound & healing school instructor, drum-maker, and is a certified Indigenous Breastfeeding Counselor. She helps others recognize their full potential by guiding them to remember who they are with love for their journey. Kristina has an uncanny ability to lead people in meditation and guided journeys with her drums and rattles. Her teaching style quickly gains students’ trust and excites them to delve deep. She illustrates abstract concepts for all to understand and encourages her students to seek their answers from within. Kristina helps others learn to live consciously and with intent. She holds an Associate degree in Liberal Arts from the Milwaukee Area Technical College and a Bachelor of Arts degree in American Indian Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Kristina has trained extensively with Mavis Pittilla & Jean Else, Jose Luis Herrera, Amy & Dave Wilinski, medicine people from the Americas, The Foundation for Shamanic Studies and The Four Winds.