Introduction to Sound and Healing

Introduction to Sound and Healing

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Sunday August 14, 2022
Sunday September 17, 2022

TIME:  1:30p - 2:30p

INSTRUCTOR:  Sheri Bauer and Laurel Ziemienski 

COST:  $25

The practice of Sound Healing is ancient. Our ancestors used rattles to disperse negative energy in and around the physical body. Drums were used to entrain the mind into deep meditative states where the natural healing ability of the human body was stimulated. In Tibet and India, the sounds of Singing Bowls provided deep relaxation for the body, mind, and spirit. Indigenous cultures across the globe sang and chanted. The frequencies of voices singing in harmony during ceremony or healing circles produced a mesmeric effect on the body and allowed the mind to relax, lowering blood pressure, heart rate, and stimulating digestion.

Our ancestors used sound to heal because they knew it worked.  They didn’t know how it worked, they just knew it did.  With the advent of allopathic medicine, the use of sound for healing became hidden underneath the emerging technologies, vaccines, advanced surgical techniques and drug therapies that took over for Mother Nature.  Today, sound healing is becoming an emerging therapy being introduced in many Integrative Therapy departments of hospitals in large cities across the country.

The instructors for this workshop are Sheri Bauer and Laurel Ziemienski, sound therapists and Instructors of many modalities of sound and healing.

During this workshop students will learn:

  • What is Sound? What is a Sound Frequency?
  • How Sound Frequencies are transported throughout the Human Body
  • The scientific data that documents and supports the use of sound as an emerging field of study
  • How sound can shift Brain Wave states to achieve stress relief, deep states of relaxation, and jump start the body’s healing process
  • Demonstration of frequency-based therapies using Tibetan and crystal bowls, tuning forks, rattles, drums, and other natural sound tools

If you would like to learn more about how Sound can relieve stress and anxiety, provide deep relaxation, and message your body to begin a healing journey, we invite you to join us for this highly experiential workshop.