Healing using the Power of the Infinity Symbol

Healing using the Power of the Infinity Symbol

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DATE:  Wednesday, November 18, 2020
TIME:  6:15p - 8:15p

From a spiritual perspective, eight is the number of the initiate – those who have transcended the seven stages of awakening and passed through the seven heavens. Eight is the number linked with the power of resurrection and regeneration, symbolizing happiness and paradise regained. In Chinese tradition, it represents wealth and prosperity and is used in Feng Shui to arrange living spaces harmoniously. The infinity sign is also within us, in our very cells and the basic structure of our genes. It is in the double helix of the strands of our DNA, a continuous chain of figures-of-eight.

 During this class students will explore the power of the Infinity Symbol and its uses throughout cultures and time.  They will explore its symbolic and spiritual aspects and participate in several experiential exercises including the Rope Game, the Brain Game, the Nose Game, and the Elephant’s Trunk.  Students will also experience using the Infinity Symbol with Tuning Forks and Tibetan Singing Bowls for balancing the body, mind and spirit and promoting healing.

A Series rate of $120 applies when you sign up for all three Healing Workshops in November including Healing with Color (Nov. 11th), Healing with the Infinity Symbol (Nov, 18th), and Healing with the Angels – (Dec.2nd).

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