Essential Oils & Gemstone Guardians Cards

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Transform your life and manifest your heart's desires with Essential Oils & Gemstone Guardians Cards.  Specifically created to help you establish clear intentions, these 42 cards each show an essential oil and an energetically matching crystal, offering guidance and positive affirmations for your life. The energetic value, or vibration, of an essential oil is stabilized by the devic forces associated with its mother plant, flower, root, or bark. The energetic vibration of a gemstone holds records and goals to help you focus on the reality you wish to create. For each essential oil, the accompanying booklet details fragrance profile, chemical components, therapeutic properties, and safety precautions as well as how the gemstone relates to the use of the essential oil.

Designed to spark your courage and innate knowledge and abilities, this deck empowers you to step forward with confidence and realize your unlimited potential.

Margaret Ann Lembo is a crystal expert, spiritual practitioner, aromatherapist, and a noted speaker and author of several books and card decks.

*Description from back of box.