Elder Futhark Viking Runes – ZOOM On-Line - Level One…  The Beginning

Elder Futhark Viking Runes – ZOOM On-Line - Level One… The Beginning

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Venue: Zoom On-Line

Instructor:  Lesley-Anne Raven

Sunday’s 9:00 am to 11:00 am  (2 hours)  

$35 Each class

 Les will guide you as you begin a magical adventure to explore and build your own person connection with the 24 Norse Runes of the Vikings.   Learn the Northern Traditions, connecting with the primordial energy and wisdom of each Rune… through which you will also expand your connection to Spirit, Animal Spirit guides, Ancestors, and your Higher Self.

You will sail the endless seas, walk along the windy cliffs, and dive deep into  you, with their guidance of the ancient ways that can still help you in this modern world… on the three levels of Body, Mind, Spirit.

In each class circle, you will experience Visualization Journeys, Galdr Chanting, Breathwork, RuneStance, Divination, Music & …and more.  You will find your Heart Song for each Rune, make a personal set of runes, use them for readings, experience Rune Movement and good companionship as we take this journey.

Class One      10-4-2020                 Introduction, Divine Centre, First Rune-Fehu

Class Two       11-1-2020                Freyja’ Runes, Galdr, RuneStance, 

Class Three    12-6-2020                Heimdall’s first 4 Runes, Divination

Class Four      1-10-2021                Heimdall’s second 4 Runes, Divination

Class Five       2-7- 2021                 Tir’s first 4 Runes, Energy Healing

Class Six         3-7- 2021                 Tir’s second 4 Runes, Celebration