Carnelian Tumbled Natural

Carnelian Tumbled Natural

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The name carnelian comes from the Latin word Carneus, which means fleshy, a reference to the color of the stone which it gets from Iron Oxide. Ancient Egyptians regarded the carnelian as a sunset enclosed in stone and called it ‘the setting sun’. 

Carnelian has a long history. Over 4500 years ago, Sumerian and Egyptian craftsmen were making jewelry set with the stone. Ancient Romans and Greeks also valued the stone, which they used for engraving.  Carnelian has also been popular for signet rings.

While in Egypt, Napoleon picked up an octagonal carnelian on the battlefield, and returned from Egypt with this stone, wearing it all the time, and then leaving it to his nephew.  In the middle ages, healers believed in the healing properties of Carnelian and used it to help ease the tension and stress of Viking marauders. 

Carnelian is an excellent stone for creating a protective shield against negativity.  It is also known to be a wonderful touch stone for artists and to enhance creativity for all. Calling on Carnelian for its incredible healing powers is nothing new. 

Carnelian is mined in the USA, South Africa, Brazil, Uruguay, Botswana, Madagascar, Germany, Slovakia, Scotland, and the UK.

*Measurements are approximate: 

Small ~ 1-1/4" x 7/8"

Medium ~ 1-3/8" x 1-1/4"

Crystals vary by Size, Shape, Color, and Measurement.