Body Healing Cards

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Have you ever communicated with your liver, heart, or skin? Do you know what your kidneys need from you to function well? Opening up an entirely new dimension of body awareness, the Body Healing Cards offer an opportunity to intuitively investigate the essence of your individual organs and discover their physical, soul, and spiritual layers.

The 52 channeled cards and their corresponding messages can help you develop strategies for resolving stressful situations around your health. In combination with 4 Jokers highlighting the male and female principle in life, these cards can also serve as tools for preventing health conditions. Whether you work with the Health Spiral, the Organ Constellation, or the more complex Health Matrix, which also embraces the elements, the interconnected nature of your body systems reveals itself clearly in seven different card spreads that are explained in the booklet. Listen to your organs to strengthen your life force and enjoy vibrant health.

Ewald Kliegel has been a practicing massage therapist, naturopath, and reflexologist for more than 40 years. The author of many books, he teaches seminars around the world. Illustrator Anne Heng is an awareness facilitator and painter with exhibitions worldwide.

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