Aura Reading Workshop Level 2

Aura Reading Workshop Level 2

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DATE:  Sunday, April 16, 2023

TIME:  10:30a - 12:30p

INSTRUCTOR:  Jill Kwiatkowski, RM, Aura and Intuitive Reader,
& Animal Communicator

If you have basic knowledge or understand of auras, please join us for Aura Reading Workshop Class 2.

The energy surrounding your body is made up of frequencies of color and light. It is known as your aura and is a reflection of your energetic vibration and your spirit.
Auras not only surround our bodies, but they are also an extension of us that reflects our personalities, lifestyles, thoughts, emotions, and our spirituality through color. Our colorful auras help support our growth on our journey.  The colors ebb and flow like a breeze as we shift and change through the vast landscapes of our lives. 
Come join us to further your understanding of auras and their colors.  You will learn the energetics of colors and how the colors connect with our personalities.  Seeing or feeling auras helps us to trust our intuition.  During this class you will have time to “practice" seeing auras.  
About your workshop facilitator:  Jill Kwiatkowski
Jill has been Reading Tarot and Auras for 30 years and in the past couple of years has expanded her abilities to include Animal Communication. In addition to her work with Aura Reading and Animal Communication, Jill has been connecting with the heart-centered horses of Horse Power Healing Center (HPHC) as they remotely work to heal and to give messages from the Universe. Horses are innately connected to Universal Love and Light, and therefore, know how to assist you in moving to a life filled with positive energy. Jill will be co-facilitating a Horse Power Healing and Message Circle along with Linda Catterson at Angel Light on Sunday, March 26th from 1-3 pm. To learn more, pick up a flyer when you visit Angel Light or see us on-line at our shopping cart at the Classes and Events link.