Art of Japanese Reiki Series

Art of Japanese Reiki Series

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DATES:  Wednesdays, February 24, March 3, 10, 17, 2021
TIME:  6:15-8:15 pm
PRE-REQUISITE: Reiki Level I Certificate,
COST:  $50.00 per class or $180 when series is paid in full prior to start of first class on March 3rd

Class 1:  The Foundation of Japanese

Class 1 presents the foundation for the understanding of Japanese Reiki including the culture surrounding Reiki, its history and philosophy. Students begin with the Japanese pronunciations of the words most important in the practice of Reiki. They learn about the Roots of Reiki Practice, the six founding principles, and study and practice the Gassho hand positions. Students will also be taught the dynamic energy movements of the Sun Mudra. A basic foundation breath work is taught and practiced.

Class 2:  The Living Practice of Japanese Reiki
Pre-requisite: The Foundation of Japanese Reiki

During Class 2, students will begin with instruction in a Group Spiritual Routine followed by an introduction to the Living Practices of Reiki. They will then be instructed in additional breath work techniques that layer upon the foundation breath work taught in Level I. The class will conclude with the instruction of Byosen Sensing and an experiential clinic.

Class 3:  Reiju - The Spiritual Blessing
Pre-requisite: The Living Practice of Japanese Reiki

Class 3 teaches the original spiritual blessing of Reiju as passed by Dr. Usui, including a preparatory ancient Dry Bath routine during this advanced Japanese Reiki class. The Heart’s Breath and other advanced breath work techniques will also be taught and practiced.

Class 4:  The Magic of Symbols in Reiki Practice
Pre-requisite:  Reiju - The Spiritual Blessing

Reiki Mudras and Mantras are introduced in this Advanced Workshop. The Reiki Shower and the use of the Reiki Symbols in Magical Practice will be experienced by the students. The series will conclude with the giving and receiving of the Reiju blessing in ancient ceremonial tradition and the presentation of the Certificates of Completion.