Pendulum Workshop - Thu 6/20

Pendulum Workshop - Thu 6/20

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Thursday, June 20, 2024
6:15-8:15 pm
Linda Catterson

This beginner-level course introduces you to the exciting world of divination through the use of a pendulum.  During this introductory class, you will learn how a pendulum can be used to answer your important questions thru connecting you to your higher wisdom. You will also gain experience using a pendulum as a diagnostic tool in determining energy imbalances, and how a pendulum can be used to unblock stagnant energy, correcting the flow of energy through the physical body and its surrounding energy field. Techniques for using a pendulum with your animal friends will also be introduced.

Linda will take you through several exercises to gradually increase your confidence and accuracy when using your pendulum. We all possess the intuition to use a pendulum and are only limited by our confidence levels! You will be a Spiritual Warrior by the end of class!


About your Instructor:
Linda Catterson has been using a pendulum on humans and animals since 2011. She incorporates the use of a pendulum during Reiki, Ama Deus, and Double Star healing sessions. Linda uses her pendulum along with her Shamanic training and healing skills for people challenged with Multiple Sclerosis, and at a local therapeutic horse farm. 

Please bring a pendulum to class if you already own one.  You can also purchase a pendulum at a 20% discount from Angel Light. The class will also include some pendulum work for animals, so bring a print or phone photo a pet to the workshop.  If that is not an option for you, “no worries”, Linda will bring extra photos of her pets that she volunteers to help.