New Year's Tarot Reading with Connie Kick!


DATE:  Thursday, December 29 Openings at 10:00a, 2:40p, 3:50p
COST:  $111

To secure your private New Year’s Reading,
call Angel Light at 262-787-3001.


It's that time of the year again when we are closing the doors to the past and opening the doors to what lies ahead for us.  A New Year’s tarot reading is the perfect opportunity to determine what you would like to see pass out of your life, to review the lessons that were learned but, more importantly, to reveal the new energy that the New Year will bring.  This special Event comes just once a year and it’s your opportunity to open the gateway to 2023.  The reading is designed to help you identify your opportunities and also your challenges.  It will give you support and perspective on the lessons to be learned and the actions that can be taken to bring harmony, balance, and happiness into your upcoming year.

What will be included in your New Year’s Tarot Reading?

  • Connie will open with a Water Blessing Ceremony designed to help you release all the unwanted 2022 energy from your life.
  • A 4-Card General Tarot Spread will kick off your New Year’s Reading. It will indicate the key points to be aware of moving into the New Year.
  • Twelve Cards will then be pulled, one for each month of 2023 that will reveal a General Theme for every month of the New Year.
  • Twelve additional cards will then be pulled that will reveal the lessons that can be learned and the actions that can be taken to create the most positive outcomes for your higher and greater good.
  • Your entire year will be mapped out for 2023 by the conclusion of your private session.

About Connie: Connie has a strong family history of divination and is an experienced and well-known Tarot Reader.  Connie is able to combine your energy, intuition, and the images of the Tarot cards to get a deeper insight into your past, help you to understand what is presently going on in your world, and advise you as to what direction your guides are pointing you in.  Connie’s readings will provide guidance to your questions, and you will leave your session with confidence and clarity.